8 Fitness Achievements You Can Achieve

achievement fitness

Fitness is not only about losing weight or gaining mass. There are also many achievements, some of which seem insignificant, while others fit into the record books. Most people need to remember this, which is why training quickly bores them with its monotony and lack of goals that can be felt soon. There are only abstract “I’ll lose weight” or “I’ll pump up my arms.” If you are also bored with the standard goals, you can strive for other achievements that will turn fitness into a game where you need to get achievements for interesting wagering. 

1. Hand balance in crow pose

In yoga, there is the kakasana pose, commonly referred to as the crow pose. It doesn’t look very easy, but it is something like a warm-up for those who practice yoga. You can strive for this achievement to improve the balance. 

Hand balance in crow pose

Describing this position is difficult; it is easier to look at the images and understand that this is another achievement. In short, you have to lift the body, leaning only on the palms, so that an angle of almost 90 degrees forms between the arms and the torso. The body in this position strives to outweigh the back because the center of gravity is shifted to that side. 

If you manage to stand in this position for at least a month and simultaneously calmly keep your balance for a couple of minutes, congratulations – you have achieved what is beyond the control of the majority. 

2. Kilometer in a short time 

Running a distance of 1 kilometer is not very popular in professional sports, but it is well-suited for amateurs. Tired of just running around the park or stadium? Turn this activity into an endurance game. 

achievement fitness

According to the TRP standards, the 3rd junior category involves completing the distance in 4 minutes. Moreover, this is the lowest result, and the highest should be given by masters of sports of international class – 2 minutes 18 seconds. Of course, an unprepared guy, even regularly involved in sports, will not be able to run so fast, so we offer you another challenge – 3rd junior category. He assumes that you will run in 3 minutes. 

But remember that before setting records, you must ensure that everything is in order with your health and that there are no contraindications. 

3. Vertical jump as high as possible 

There will not be exact numbers as in the running because everything is individual. The easiest way to make jumping an achievement is to jump as high as possible from a half-squat position. The highest point at your head’s level will be where you should put a mark. 

achievement fitness

Now you can train every day, trying all new jumping techniques. By working on the strength and technique of the jump, you will be able to overcome your initial point and achieve high results. To make the final result more visual, you can see the jump height norm for your height in different weight categories and ages. 

4. 2 times more pull-ups than you can at your limits 

Pull-ups, like push-ups, squats, and abs, are basic exercises where no extra weight is needed. Because of this, they are considered ineffective and prefer strength training, but in vain. 

achievement fitness

Pull-ups can also be gamified, turning the result into an achievement. To do this, you will have to overcome yourself and do twice as many pull-ups as you can now. Of course, everything should be without fanaticism. Otherwise, it can lead to injury. 

Realizing that your current strength is not enough for this achievement, you will work on the upper back, arms, and other muscles to achieve what you want. A beautiful figure and increased power will be a bonus. 

5. Marathon without elimination 

A 1-kilometer run is already an achievement, especially if you could get at least 3rd junior category. But it doesn’t come close to a 5k marathon or even a 10k marathon. The fact that you sign up for a marathon and start training for it will be an achievement. 

achievement fitness

It is optional to run the entire distance the first time, especially if you are participating for the first time. But if you overcome at least 5 kilometers and run to the finish line, you can put a tick in your notebook – you are one of the few people who succeeded. 

6. Pistol squat without losing stability 

Squatting is difficult even on two legs, at least when doing it with extra weight or trying to lower your pelvis below your knees on a special machine. 

achievement fitness

But it is even more difficult to achieve balance in the pistol squat. This squat is done on one leg. It will be a real test of strength, flexibility, and coordination, and mastering will require a lot of training and patience. So even if you do just one pistol squat, it will already be an achievement beyond the reach of most athletes.

7. Do the splits

Due to the peculiarities of physiology, twine is easier for women than men. It is especially easy for them to sit on a longitudinal twine when the pelvis is turned to one side. There is also a transverse twine, where the pelvis looks forward; it is considered the most difficult.

If you want to make fitness more interesting, try sitting on the longitudinal split first, as it is easier than the transverse one. The latter, according to scientists, is beyond the control of more than 10% of the world’s population due to physiology.

achievement fitness

The problem is that men have a special structure of the back muscles, which seriously impedes stretching. Therefore, when you can stretch out on the floor, it will be a real achievement for which you can be praised. But we warn you against abrupt and ill-considered actions, as a result of which you can tear your muscles and tendons. Do everything smoothly and slowly, and stop when you feel pain.

If you bend worse than an old dry tree, you will have to work on stretching for many months before you can even sit on the longitudinal twine. But trust me, it’s worth it. Sitting on the splits is a spectacular performance and a great health benefit.

 8. Hang with one hand on the bar

Hanging even on two hands is quite difficult; it is much easier to pull yourself up. Not every amateur athlete will be able to hang on two hands on a bar for more than a minute – this can already be considered an achievement.

achievement fitness

And yet this is not the difficult achievement that will turn the sport into a game. There has to be something exciting—something that only a small number of people can do. How about hanging on the bar with one arm and holding it for as long as possible?

Not to be abstract, here’s a number you can aim for – 30 seconds. We congratulate you if you can achieve this – this is an extremely difficult achievement for most. Then you can proceed to a new frontier – 1 minute.


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