Diet for longevity: how to eat to live to 100 years

Diet for longevity: how to eat to live to 100 years

To look good and live long, you need to eat well. This is a hypothesis that does not require proof. But what does it mean to eat well? And what exactly do you need to eat to live 100 years old?

One of the key elements of the longevity puzzle is quality food. Many, in an attempt to find a source of longevity, go on strict diets and introduce restrictions on diet. The result, as a rule, is disappointing: beriberi and problems with the digestive tract in the future. While biohackers are experimenting with themselves, scientists worldwide struggle with the longevity formula. And they seem to have found something. 

How to eat to live long  

American scientists from the Buck Institute shared the results of a study that will forever change your ideas about proper nutrition. 

  • Fewer carbs 

Researchers are convinced that reducing the number of carbohydrates in the diet can increase life expectancy. The fact is that an excess of carbohydrates provokes an increased metabolism, due to which the body is forced to work at an “increased” speed and spend valuable energy on eliminating the consequences of high-carbohydrate nutrition. In addition, carbohydrate foods can lead to obesity, diabetes, and metabolic disorders, cause cardiovascular disease, provoke hypertension, and even cancer. 

Diet for longevity: how to eat to live to 100 years

The keto diet has proven itself as a weight loss diet. Experts believe that at the time of the study, this is the best option for a longevity diet, which nutritionists develop. 

  • Keto Diet – Longevity Diet

The diet excludes carbohydrates from the diet and focuses on fats and proteins. What can you eat on a ketogenic diet: 

  • any meat, including bacon and lard;
  • oily fish: trout, salmon, and other varieties;
  • eggs; 
  • cheese;
  • walnuts;
  • milk: butter, milk, cream;
  • seeds (sesame, flax, chia);
  • spices;
  • vegetables. 

Research confirms the positive impact of a low-carbohydrate diet on memory function, motor ability, and life expectancy. And this diet is also indicated for people with type II diabetes. 

  • Plant-based food is a priority. 

The researchers also noted that plant foods should be present in the diet. Such nutrition reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by 16%. 

Diet for longevity: how to eat to live to 100 years

Seven habits for those who do not want to grow old 

Longevity expert Andrew Steel from the UK advises anyone who wants to live a long and healthy life to follow seven important habits that will help slow down the aging process: 

  • healthy sleep from 8 hours a day,
  • obligatory physical activity,
  • refusal of nutritional supplements and unusual diets,
  • vegetables and fruits in the diet, 
  • pulse and pressure control,
  • regular visits to the dentist. 

Diets of the centenarians of the world

The secret of longevity of Japanese centenarians 

There are 5 “blue zones” worldwide – these are the territories where most centenarians live. Among them is the Japanese island of Okinawa. Many inhabitants of the island reach the age of 100. Gerontologists are sure that Okinawans owe their longevity to a special diet, regular physical labor in the fresh air, and the absence of stress.  

Japanese diet

In general, the Okinawan diet is similar to the Mediterranean diet. The diet contains the following products: 

  • Fish and seafood, 
  • fruits and vegetables, 
  • seaweed, 
  • eggs, 
  • vegetable oil,
  • cheese tofu and miso paste. 

Okinawans hardly eat or eat very rarely: 

  • meat,
  • dairy products, 
  • white sugar and sweets. 

And on the island, an exotic fruit, “shikuvasa,” grows – a kind of mix of lemon and orange. The benefits and antioxidant power of this fruit are confirmed by research. The Japanese believe eating this fruit helps avoid cancer, weight gain, and diabetes. 

The drinking regime of the Japanese 

The Japanese have a good tradition: on an empty stomach, they drink a glass of water in the morning. Not during breakfast but immediately after waking up. So, in their opinion, the body starts all the processes, and the organs are tuned to work.

How much water to drink? Optimally – from 200 to 400 ml. According to the Japanese method, you need to drink in small sips: first, drink half a glass and the rest after 5 minutes. Then you need to go to the toilet and do morning exercises. Breakfast is better at least 45 minutes after the water ritual. The digestive organs will have time to prepare the meal. During the day, the Japanese drink at least 2-2.5 liters of pure water.  

Diet for longevity: how to eat to live to 100 years

What water to drink? Drinking plain purified water at room temperature or slightly chilled is best. 

And how do Italian centenarians eat?  

In Italy, there is the village of Acciaroli. This is a unique place where every tenth inhabitant lives to be a hundred years old. What is the secret of the people of Acciaroli? The inhabitants of the village have a very simple life. They also eat very simply – the homemade food of their production. In their diet: 

  • sea ​​fish, 
  • the meat of grown rabbits and chickens, 
  • fruits and vegetables, 
  • olive oil,
  • Rosemary. 

The researchers analyzed the composition of local rosemary and found that it contains various compounds. This herb has a beneficial effect on brain function. There is an assumption that rosemary also affects life expectancy. However, this is yet to be proven. 

Recipe for longevity from the Monegasques

Diet for longevity: how to eat to live to 100 years

Monaco is a dwarf state off the coast of the Mediterranean Sea; its inhabitants are Monegasques. The small principality holds the record for longevity in the world. On average, residents live 89 years. And this is a world record. What is the reason for such a high figure beside the standard of living? Of course, Monegasques eat especially. Here are just some of the nutritional guidelines: 

  • Mediterranean diet: fish, seafood, nuts, legumes, whole grains. Durum wheat pasta, wholemeal baked goods, fruits, and vegetables. 
  • Red meat is present in the diet, but in very small amounts, which helps to lower blood cholesterol. 
  • Greens in large quantities. 
  • Instead of butter and sunflower oil, olive oil is used. 
  • A very popular product is goat cheese. It is hypoallergenic and contains many useful trace elements, such as calcium. 
  • In Monaco, it is customary to serve food in small portions, and this is not out of greed. Monegasques are sure that a person needs to eat a little food. 

Recipes from the people of Hunza 

Hunzakuts live on the border of India and Pakistan in the valley of the Hunza River. They quietly live up to 110-120 years. And this is not the limit. These small people live in the mountains – at the vanishing point of the three famous mountain systems – the Himalayas, the Hindu Kush, and the Karakorum. Hunzakuts eat very simply. Their diet includes wheat cakes and apricots, which they grow and consume fresh and dried depending on the season. They do not bake their cakes but “bake” them in the sun. And so all the valuable substances of wheat are preserved. 

Diet for longevity: how to eat to live to 100 years

In summer, the diet increases due to fruits, cereals, and legumes. All are eaten raw. The calorie content of their food is very low. There are no spices or sweets in their diet. The people of Hunza do not drink alcohol at all. 

What do long-livers of the Caucasus eat? 

The inhabitants of the Caucasus are certainly not vegetarians. However, they do not eat meat every day. The basis of the diet of mountaineers from the Caucasus is: 

  • cakes on the yeast-free dough, 
  • vegetables, 
  • fruits, 
  • dairy products, 
  • Very green. 

Highlanders drink milk, ayran, water, and homemade wine. 

The secret of longevity lies, among other things, in the way of life of the highlanders. They eat what they have grown themselves or have grown nearby. This is a big plus because local products do not contain “chemistry.” All natural. 

And how do famous centenarians eat? 

Christian Mortensen

Christian Mortensen, a native of Denmark, is one of the most famous centenarians on the planet. He lived 115 years and 252 days. He considered vegetarianism to be an important factor in his longevity. And although there is still debate about the benefits of this food system, Christian proved that a person could live long following a vegetarian diet. The long liver did not drink anything but boiled water. In his opinion, good water is the second key factor in his longevity. And, of course, a positive attitude. With it, there is nowhere. 

Nutrition tips from model May Musk 

Mae Musk, the mother of billionaire Elon Musk, is not yet a long-liver, yet she has retained her excellent shape at 73. She has been modeling for over 50 years and is still the face of a major brand. What is her secret? 

  • Mei did not sit on trendy diets and ate natural products. I never forbade myself anything but preferred fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Her menu also includes unsweetened yogurts with a minimum fat percentage and eggs. Beef, chicken, and fish are present, but only some days. Her ideal fat source for her is olive oil, avocados, and nuts. 
  • Mae has never eaten fast food. Also, she didn’t eat “trendy” foods. According to Musk, gluten-free products result from processing and are simply useless. She also strongly discourages juices and smoothies that contain too much sugar. 

And how do you eat now? 

There are no universal recommendations. We live in different climatic conditions, and each nation has food habits. Still, there are some things in common. 

  • Eat more vegetables and fruits, and lean on greens and whole grains. 
  • Meat, fish, or chicken may be in your diet, but not every day. 
  • Avoid fast food and processed foods. 
  • Fill your plate with 50% vegetables and fruits, 25% protein, and 25% complex carbohydrates. Add fats but in limited quantities. 
  • Don’t refrain from skimming on sweets. 
  • Eat only if you are really hungry. 


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