Eyebrow spraying: types, benefits, care rules

Eyebrow spraying

Eyebrow waxing is one of the most popular permanent makeup techniques. With its help, you can achieve the most natural shape of the superciliary arches. If your hairs are a little thinner or do not differ in density and strength from nature, spraying will help to add color and a graceful curve.

For those women whose eyebrows have been badly damaged due to illiterate care, spraying is used along with microblading. The microblading technique allows you to draw the missing hairs, and with the help of spraying, the master achieves the correct placement of accents and applies shadows. And if you are tired of drawing eyebrows with a pencil every day, it’s time to learn more about this amazing permanent makeup technique.

What is permanent eyebrow spraying?

Spray tattooing is a fashionable beauty procedure that sharpens the contour of the eyebrows and gives them expressiveness by enhancing color and volume.

The result is achieved by subcutaneous injection of a pigment for tattooing since powder spraying is a type of permanent eyebrow makeup. Only a qualified master in the salon can perform the procedure, using special equipment for this.

With powder coating, the eyebrows are tinted without losing their naturalness, as if you just lightly painted over the gaps between the hairs with a cosmetic pencil or shadows.

Eyebrow spraying: types, benefits, care rules

During the procedure, the master sprays liquid pigment. The specialist applies paint with extreme precision, layering it on the hairs and skin. If we consider the result of the tattoo close, we can see: that between the upper and lower borders of the eyebrows, there are the smallest dots of pigment. Because of this, the eyebrows do not look rough, as if they were painted with something.

The difference between the spraying method and conventional tattooing is that the pigment is not introduced very deeply during spraying. Suppose with standard permanent makeup, the paint penetrates deep into the skin, then with powder spraying. In that case, it is in the topmost layer and only emphasizes your natural eyebrows – their outlines and color.

How do eyebrows look after spraying eyebrows? With powder spraying, a strictly drawn contour is not formed, but only the eyebrows’ visual density, natural shape, and shade are worked out. The method is good because it does not add roughness to the image.

Five main types of eyebrow spraying techniques

  1. Eyebrow permanent in the technique of powder spraying. This technique helps to add volume and density to thin eyebrows. The effect of shading on the skin is created. The method will be useful for those who do not want too bright eyebrows.

With this technique, the master uses a permanent marker. Microdots are applied to the eyebrows, resembling powder on the skin – a soft and shaded color is obtained without sharp transitions. Such eyebrows are similar to those that are made up of shadows.

This technique will not bring the desired result to girls who seek to make their eyebrows as expressive as possible. Permanent makeup experts do not recommend powdering hot brunettes.

  1. Pixelated eyebrows. This is a spray that eliminates voids in the hairline. The technique perfectly corrects the eyebrow pattern, hiding all the flaws.

This is one of the most difficult options to complete because the master uses several colors simultaneously, mixing them to obtain a certain color and saturation. Its task is the point distribution of paint over the layers. The result is visually thick eyebrows with detailed hairs.

This way, you can paint over all the gaps between the hairs and hide the flaws by adjusting the brows. The disadvantage of the method is that it takes a long time, up to about four hours.

  1. Eyebrow waxing. American beauty experts have discovered a method in which the pigment is applied in the form of drops in several layers at once. Nano-spraying makes the eyebrows look natural without adding heaviness to the look. The paint penetrates the upper layer of the epidermis, and it depends on the decision of the master on how many layers the procedure will be performed. As a result, the eyebrows are soft in color.
Eyebrow spraying: types, benefits, care rules
  1. Eyebrow shading. Shadow spraying is similar to the previous techniques – the only difference is that the paint is taken a darker tone than the eyebrows’ natural shade. Due to the darker color, the eyebrows are obtained as close to natural as possible.

This method will not benefit girls with blond hair or swarthy skin. Also, the procedure is not advised for people with oily skin type because the pigment can be washed out sooner due to ajar pores.

  1. Velvet brows. It strongly resembles the powder method. Application occurs pointwise, resulting in a soft shading of color. Velvet spraying takes from 45 minutes to an hour.

The application of the pigment is carried out in several stages. The master chooses muted colors. This method will perfectly complement the appearance of fair-haired girls and blondes, as the eyebrows are both nude and expressive.

Pros and cons of spraying eyebrows

Before you spray your eyebrows, you need to consider the pros and cons of the procedure. Awareness will help you avoid disappointment and unsatisfactory results.


  • The ability to make eyebrows symmetrical, even if they differ from each other by nature;
  • masking of scars and scars on the eyebrows (after the same microblading);
  • adding density, correcting or changing the natural shape;
  • painting bald spots;
  • No pain during the session – some even sleep while the master sprays;
  • Spraying renewal will not be needed from a year to two;
  • The pigment is injected into the epidermis’s upper layer, making rehabilitation as simple and fast as possible.
Eyebrow spraying: types, benefits, care rules


  • after some time, a second procedure will be required;
  • it will not be possible to correct a very noticeable asymmetry, as well as hide a pronounced scar on the eyebrow;
  • some paints can break down in the sun.

Indications and contraindications for the procedure

Spray permanent makeup is suitable for girls with the following problems:

  • eyebrows are not thick; there are many bald spots between the hairs;
  • eyebrows are too light;
  • short hairs;
  • the hairs stick out in different directions, making the shape of the eyebrows sloppy;
  • eyebrows burn out in the sun;
  • eyebrows are too thin, or they are not at all;
  • I have to put on makeup every day.

The procedure should be abandoned if:

  1. There are too many bald spots on the eyebrows.
  2. The hairs are gray.
  3. There are noticeable scars.
  4. There are skin lesions.
  5. There is acne in the treatment area.
  6. There is an allergic reaction to the components of the paint.
  7. The woman is pregnant.
  8. The woman is breastfeeding the baby.

In no case do not get a tattoo if you have at least one of these diseases:

  • hemophilia, poor blood clotting;
  • AIDS;
  • HIV;
  • hepatitis, diabetes.

Spraying is highly discouraged:

  • people under 14;
  • during menstruation;
  • When taking analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Five stages of eyebrow spraying procedure

Work is usually performed in the following sequence:

  • Stage 1. Before starting, the master draws the shape of future eyebrows with a pencil.
  • Stage 2. An anesthetic is applied to the skin.
  • Stage 3. The shade of the pigment is selected individually. If necessary, the master mixes several colors at once for a more visible result.
  • Stage 4. A pigment is injected under the skin, while the master paints over the entire area he noted at the first stage of work.
  • Stage 5. All contours are covered with a product that fixes the pigment in the upper layer of the skin.

In what technique will the procedure be performed, the master discusses with the client during the preparatory period. This is an important point on which the quality of work depends.

How long does brow waxing last?

The effect of a tattoo made by an experienced master will last from a year to two. It is also important to use pigments that do not cause allergies; this eliminates the possibility of color distortion after rehabilitation.

For the desired result to be preserved for a long time after the session, it is necessary to correct the eyebrow spraying; it will be required when the wounds on the skin are completely healed. During the second tattooing session, the master makes the necessary additions to the development of the eyebrows. He fills with pigment the places from which the paint could disappear at the peeling stage when the skin is recovering from cosmetic intervention.

A timely corrective procedure will allow you to forget about updating the coating for a long time. Also, during the correction, you can ask the master to add pigment to the result. At the same time, it will no longer be possible to lighten the coating – no other pigments are used for this but other methods.

Eyebrow spraying: types, benefits, care rules

In addition to the above, the durability of spraying is influenced by:

  • client’s age;
  • the presence of bad habits;
  • features of skin type;
  • features of the metabolic system;
  • immunity and hormonal background.

If you carefully care for your eyebrows and skin after the procedure, you will surely be satisfied with the result. Care rules will help make spraying more durable, as well as simplify the process of skin regeneration after an injury during spraying.

Rules for care after the procedure of spraying eyebrows

Immediately after the procedure and in the next few days, you can observe:

  • swelling of the skin;
  • redness;
  • slight swelling;
  • rash.

Such manifestations are considered the norm since the skin has been exposed to external influences and is slightly damaged. All this can be stored for two weeks. The specialist will instruct you: on how to wash and what ointments to use for speedy healing.

Two weeks after spraying is prohibited:

  • rub eyebrows during makeup removal with tonic or facial milk;
  • visit a sauna, bath, and other places with temperature changes;
  • sunbathe, appear in the sun without treating the skin with a protective agent or headgear that covers the face;
  • peel off the crusts after spraying the eyebrows;
  • attend facial cleansing procedures and any hardware.

It is recommended to smear the skin with Bepanthen, Panthenol, and Vaseline to moisturize it for better tissue regeneration.

To prevent infection and inflammation of the damaged area of ​​\u200b\u200b the skin, it is treated with Chlorhexidine and Acyclovir. After 3-4 weeks, the eyebrows are completely healed.

Usually, spraying is carried out in several steps, so to consolidate the effect, you will have to go through the main procedure first and then the correction. The master will be able to correct the result only when your skin is completely restored and there are no crusts left on its surface. After the correction, you may have to wait the same time as the first session, observing all precautions. As a rule, the second procedure is half the price of the first one, and sometimes you pay once, and the subsequent correction is immediately included in the bill.

Eyebrow waxing cost

 The cost is made up of many factors: the qualifications of the master, his rating, and the salon’s location.

What should you pay attention to when looking for a specialist if you do not want to get a bad result and subsequently spend a lot of money and time fixing everything?

It is worth allocating at least two or three weeks to study the service market in your city and collect information about the masters. Yes, it takes a long time, but it’s better than spending several years correcting someone else’s mistake in your face.

Pay attention to this to understand if the master is right for you:

  • work examples;
  • customer reviews;
  • service price;
  • communication with the master by phone or correspondence;
  • visiting a consultation;
  • confirmation of the qualification of the master;
  • office sterility;
  • what materials are used in work;
  • safety certificates for pigments.

Thanks to the spraying technique, you can emphasize your appearance, giving your eyebrows a well-groomed and expressive look and eliminating imperfections. The master does not draw new eyebrows using this method but emphasizes your natural beauty. Remember that choosing a tattoo specialist is responsible because correcting a mistake will be extremely difficult.


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