Folk recipes for cough

cough recipes

The appearance of a cough often accompanies infectious and allergic diseases. Sometimes this symptom can be the result of serious pathologies. To cope with this unpleasant condition, it is worth undergoing a diagnostic examination and establishing the causes of its occurrence.

In simple cases, folk recipes for coughing will help improve well-being. Home remedies are most often used for colds or viral coughs. They strengthen the immune system and soothe the throat.

What is a cough

A cough is a protective reflex that helps clear the airways of excess secretion or foreign objects. In this case, the person takes a deep breath and exhales while temporarily closing the glottis.

This causes increased pressure in the chest and lungs. When the glottis opens, a sharp ejection of air is observed, with all the particles in its path coming out.

Folk recipes for cough

Causes of cough

Cough can be the result of various pathologies.

The main reasons for the appearance of this symptom include the following:

  1. Viral infections are the most common cause of the unpleasant symptom. Most often, with ARVI and influenza, there is an increase in temperature, general weakness, and pain in muscle tissues. Then comes rhinitis, discomfort in the throat, and cough. It is dry at first and then becomes wet. To prevent the mucus from becoming too thick, drink the more warm liquid.
  2. Bronchitis – in the initial stages of the pathology, a dry cough occurs without mucous secretions.
  3. Allergy – one of the signs of this condition is a cough.
  4. Laryngitis is an inflammatory lesion of the throat’s mucous membranes, which is accompanied by a dry cough.
  5. Tracheitis is an inflammation of the trachea. This pathology is characterized by an unpleasant cough accompanied by pain.
  6. Whooping cough – most often occurs in children, but sometimes adults also suffer. This pathology is accompanied by a pronounced cough, which has a spasmodic character.
  7. Tuberculosis is a dangerous disease that is accompanied by different types of cough.
  8. Bronchial asthma – one of the signs of pathology is a severe dry cough.
  9. Cardiovascular diseases – are characterized by the so-called cardiac cough.
  10. Long-term smoking – often provokes the appearance of a smoker’s cough.

Types of cough

There are two main types of cough – dry and wet. The first variety is unproductive because it does not allow for to eliminate of irritation. In this case, cough receptors irritate foreign objects, cause tumor formations, and swelling of the mucous membranes of the respiratory system.

Dry cough can result from heart disease, pathologies of the external ear, and pericarditis. It also occurs due to damage to the nervous system. Such a symptom accompanies the initial stages of colds, tracheitis, laryngitis, and tumors in the structure of the bronchi or pleurisy.

A wet cough is considered productive. It is accompanied by sputum discharge. This symptom is characteristic of pathologies of the bronchopulmonary system.

Folk recipes for cough

This sign appears under the influence of such factors:

  • increased secretion in bronchial asthma or bronchitis;
  • removal of purulent contents from cavities with cavernous tuberculosis, pulmonary abscess, bronchiectasis of the lungs;
  • The ingress of blood plasma from the vessels into the lung tissues – occurs with edema.

Depending on the nature of sputum, it is possible to determine the type of abnormal process:

  • rusty discharge indicates the appearance of croupous pneumonia;
  • glassy sputum – characteristic of bronchial asthma;
  • purulent fetid secret – accompanies a lung abscess or bronchiectasis.

Depending on the duration of the symptom, the following types of cough are distinguished:

  1. Spicy. This symptom has been present for three weeks. During this time, the person constantly coughs. In this case, sputum production is usually observed.
  2. Protracted. After three weeks, the acute cough becomes prolonged. In this case, a person who has seizures or cough occurs at a certain time of the day.
  3. Chronic. After three months, the persistent cough becomes chronic. It arises as a result of an incurable disease or becomes a complication. Also, a symptom may indicate the presence of serious pathologies. In such a situation, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Cough symptoms

With viral infections, cough is usually accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • rhinitis;
  • general weakness;
  • headache;
  • temperature rise;
  • throat discomfort;
  • Body aches.

At the same time, there are alarming symptoms that indicate the development of more serious diseases and require immediate medical attention:

  • dyspnea;
  • secretion of purulent sputum;
  • hoarseness in the voice;
  • pain in the chest;
  • hemoptysis;
  • sudden weight loss.

Cough treatment with folk remedies

In simple cases, folk remedies help to cope with a cough. To achieve good results in treatment, it is worth strictly adhering to the rules for using home remedies.

Radish with honey

A recipe for radish with honey helps to cope with a cough accompanied by sputum that is difficult to separate. Radish includes essential oils, vitamins, and trace elements. Due to this, the root crop has a pronounced expectorant effect. Phytoncides, which are present in vegetables, successfully destroy viruses and bacteria.

To make a cough remedy, you must take a large root crop, wash it thoroughly and cut off the upper part. Cut a hole in the vegetable. The wall thickness should be about 3 cm. Then put two tablespoons of honey inside and cover with the top.

Folk recipes for cough

Radish is infused with honey for 12 hours in a dark place. As a result, the juice will stand out, which should be taken one tablespoon before meals. It is recommended to do this 4-6 times a day. Children should take one small spoon.

To make the juice stand out faster, you can cut the black radish into small pieces and sprinkle them with honey. The resulting liquid is recommended to be filtered and taken. It is also permissible to grate the vegetable on a coarse grater, squeeze the juice and add honey. For 250 ml of liquid, it is worth taking 100 g of beekeeping product.

Milk with soda

To make such a cough recipe as milk with soda, it is recommended to heat the liquid to a temperature of 60 degrees. With a strong increase in temperature, milk will lose its beneficial properties.

Folk recipes for cough

To make a useful product, heat a glass of whole milk over low heat:

  1. Add half a small spoonful of soda, and mix well.
  2. Put one tablespoon of honey.
  3. Use the composition immediately after production.

Milk with honey

A recipe for milk with honey is considered an effective remedy for viral infections. To make a healing cough drink, take 250 ml of milk and heat it in a saucepan. Cool to 50-60 degrees, add two small spoons of honey, and mix. Milk with honey is recommended to drink at a time. In a day you need to take the composition 4 times.

Folk recipes for cough

Milk with onions

There are several options for preparing a healthy recipe. To prepare milk with onions for cough, you can take ten small onions, 1 liter of milk, and a head of garlic. Vegetables should be cut and boiled in milk until soft. Strain the finished product and add one tablespoon of honey. Drink two tablespoons to eliminate unpleasant symptoms.

You can also take a glass of milk and cook one large onion. Then it needs to be pulled out and mashed to get a puree. Then add it back to the milk and stir. Divide the remedy into 2 doses. The composition is beneficial for dry cough.

Another effective remedy is milk with the addition of sage. The mixture is recommended to insist and brought to a boil again. Grind a fresh onion with a blender and add to milk. The remedy should be drunk during the day.

Milk with egg

To prepare this recipe, you need to take 1 cup of milk, bring it to a boil, add 1 tablespoon of butter and cool the mixture to 40 degrees. Then add a little soda and 1 cup of honey. Mix the composition with a blender, put the egg yolk, and beat for 1 minute. Take milk with an egg for cough three times a day.

Folk recipes for cough

Onions with honey

This substance successfully copes with dry cough. Onions contain many phytoncides that help destroy pathogenic bacteria. To make the product, you need 500 g of onions. It should be mixed with 400 g of sugar and 1 liter of water and boiled over low heat for 3 hours.

Folk recipes for cough

When the composition has cooled, it is recommended to add 50 g of honey to it.

Take onion with honey for cough 4-6 tablespoons per day. This should be done after meals.

Onion with sugar

You should take a yellow or purple onion to make a healthy syrup. A small onion must be chopped with a blender and put in a glass container. Add 25 g of sugar to the prepared composition. Mix and cover. Insist for a day. Then strain the onion with sugar and take it when you cough. It is recommended to store it in a closed container in the refrigerator.

Folk recipes for cough

Adults and children over five years old are recommended to use one large spoonful of the composition three times a day. Younger children are shown 1 small spoon 3 times a day.

Figs with milk

To make a useful composition, you need only 2 components – figs and milk. The exact amount of products is allowed to vary according to your taste. At the same time, experts advise using 1-2 pieces of figs for 1.5 cups of milk.

Folk recipes for cough

For the manufacture of a cough recipe, it is allowed to use all types of fruit – dried, dried, and fresh. Bring milk to a boil and add crushed fruits to get a remedy. Boil the composition for half an hour, then wrap it with a warm blanket and leave for a couple of hours.

Before use, figs with milk are recommended to be slightly heated; then, this cough recipe will be more effective. Store the product in a glass container in the refrigerator.

Burnt sugar

To make burnt sugar, you need to pour the sugar into a spoon and hold it over a fire until it takes on a caramel hue. The process needs to be controlled. Otherwise, the mass may burn, which will lead to bitterness. It is recommended to insert a stick or toothpick into a warm product and wait until it hardens.

If you want to make a lot of candies at once, it is recommended to melt the sugar in a saucepan with thick walls. This must be done over low heat and constantly stirring the composition. Then it needs to be poured into molds.

Folk recipes for cough

Children can give such a cough recipe three daily tablets, adults – 5 pieces. They are recommended to dissolve over 5-10 minutes slowly. You should not bite off sweets, as they will not give results.

Banana and honey

To prepare a cough recipe, you need one banana and one dessertspoonful of honey. The fruit is recommended to be washed, peeled, and chopped with a blender. Add honey to the resulting mass and put in a steam bath for 10 minutes. The composition should acquire a dark shade. For the treatment of cough, take 1 small spoonful of the remedy.

Folk recipes for cough


Eggnog is a recipe that helps to soothe the affected throat and helps to cope with a cough. For its manufacture, it is recommended to carefully grind the yolks with sugar. Add butter, honey, and cocoa powder to the resulting composition. You can also use lemon or orange juice. Chicken eggs can be replaced with quail eggs.

Folk recipes for cough

Since the eggs must be used fresh, it is necessary to ensure the freshness and quality of the product. They must be thoroughly washed before use, as dangerous bacteria may be present on the surface.

Honey cake

To prepare the product, mix one tablespoon of melted honey and the same amount of sunflower oil in one container. Then add some flour to knead the cake. The result should be a thick mass. It is important that it does not crumble and does not stick to the hands.

Folk recipes for cough

Form a honey cake from the resulting dough and wrap it in gauze. Apply a compress to the chest and fix it with a band-aid. It is best to do this cough procedure at night. When a pronounced burning sensation appears, it is recommended to remove the compress to prevent burns.


One of the most popular cough recipes is raspberries. Fruits contain many vitamins and minerals, which help to eliminate the infection quickly.

Folk recipes for cough

To prepare a remedy, you need to take 1 cup of fruits and knead them. Add 1 liter of boiling water and cook for 5 minutes. Cool and add honey. Take half a glass 3-4 times a day.

Lemon, glycerin, and honey

Lemon, glycerin, and honey can be prepared in different variations. An excellent cough solution is a recipe based on fresh lemon juice and two tablespoons of glycerin. It is necessary to put honey in the product and leave it for 4 hours in a dark and cool place.

Folk recipes for cough

If seizures accompany the cough, you must take a ripe lemon, wash it thoroughly, and grind it in a blender with zest. Add one large spoonful of glycerin and honey to the lemon puree. All components should be mixed and taken when symptoms of another attack appear. The composition promotes productive expectoration.

A remedy of 1 large lemon and a small amount of honey is suitable for prevention. The fruit should be crushed with a blender and thoroughly mixed with the bee product. Take one large spoon daily. It is recommended to do this before meals and drink warm water.

Pine buds

To treat a cold, you must take 10 g of kidneys and mix it with 200 ml of water. Boil lightly, then insist on pine buds for 2 hours and strain. Drink cough medicine four times a day with one large spoon. The composition is considered quite effective.

You can also use another recipe. To do this, 10 g of kidneys should be poured with 250 ml of water, boiled for half an hour, and strained. Add pure water to get the original volume. Take the remedy four times a day. Store the decoction is allowed for a maximum of 2 days.

Black radish

To cope with a cough, you need a large black radish root. Cut off the upper part from it, pull out the core, and knead it. Add sugar to the recess and cover with the top. Insist for 4-6 hours. After extracting the juice, the resulting syrup can be taken. An adult is recommended to use 100 g of the drug per day.

Folk recipes for cough

Also, black radish can be cut into large pieces and put in a jar. Close tightly. After half an hour, remove the lid and inhale the fumes. With the help of this inhalation, it is possible to completely get rid of a cough and cope with a sore throat.

Oats with milk

To prepare oats with milk, take 1 cup of oats and add 1 liter of milk. Bring to a boil and cook over low heat for 20 minutes. Insist for 40 minutes. Take a strained cough remedy before going to bed in a warm form. To improve the taste, add honey to it.

Folk recipes for cough


To prepare a healthy drink, heat 250 ml of milk and put half a small spoon of chopped ginger into the product. Then you can add honey to taste.

Take the resulting composition one time. After using ginger for coughing, you should lie in a warm bed for 1 hour. This recipe is also allowed to be used for the treatment of children. However, in this case, the dosage of ginger is halved.

Folk recipes for cough

Also, a useful remedy can be made based on fresh ginger root. To do this, the raw materials should be crushed with a coarse grater, pour a glass of boiling water and put two slices of fresh lemon. Infuse for 10 minutes, then put honey and take two times a day.

Ginger syrup is considered to be no less effective remedy for treating cough. To make this remedy, you need to mix water with sugar in a ratio of 2: 1. Introduce one large spoonful of fresh ginger juice into the composition and cook on the stove until the mass acquires a thick consistency. Saffron can be added to the mixture before cooking is complete.

Aloe with honey

It is worth mixing aloe with honey to cope with the disease in a ratio of 1:5.

It is recommended to take aloe with cough honey six times a day. A single dose is 20 g. After that, drinking and eating for half an hour is forbidden.

Folk recipes for cough

Such a remedy helps to cope with a cough that appears against the background of sore throat, bronchitis, colds, or tracheitis.


Cloves are used to make a tea that boosts the immune system. It helps to cope with cough, tonsillitis, and other respiratory system pathologies. The drink has a calming and warming effect.

Folk recipes for cough

To make a remedy, you can use a simple recipe. For 500 ml of water, it is worth taking three buds of cloves, two slices of lemon, and chopped ginger. Also, in the composition should be added 30 ml of fresh orange juice and one small spoonful of black tea.

Mixing the components, adding water, and bringing them to a boil is recommended. Apply the composition as tea leaves. It is permissible to add honey or sugar to the finished product.

For the treatment of cough, you can use a variety of folk recipes. To achieve good results in this matter and quickly cope with an unpleasant symptom, it is recommended to choose the right medicinal composition and strictly adhere to the rules for its preparation. Compliance with the dosage of the drug is important.


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