Medicinal herbs for women’s health and peace of mind

Medicinal herbs for women's health and peace of mind

What herb is considered the best for a woman? What to choose to maintain your health and peace of mind for a long time?

Every woman, regardless of age and status, wants to look younger and slimmer while maintaining health until old age. But over the years, changes in any woman’s body leave their mark on appearance and health, and a whole “bouquet” of diseases appears. Why does it happen?

As we age, estrogen production decreases, primarily protecting the female body from age-related changes. With a decrease in the production of sex hormones, the skin loses its former elasticity; wrinkles appear, and the risk of various diseases increases. 

The body’s antioxidant system, represented by enzymes, also copes worse and worse with free radicals that can damage cells. Under the influence of adverse environmental factors, the body’s natural defenses lose the ability to withstand numerous risks. Add to this the stress that surrounds us at every turn, the lack of proper sleep, a sedentary lifestyle, and insufficiently rational nutrition – their combination only worsens the situation.

What to do?

Can the body be supported, making it more resistant to adverse factors? In recent years, phytotherapy has increasingly become an alternative to traditional methods of prevention and treatment. Existing medicinal herbs for women, being a natural product, do not harm the body, are not addictive, and have a minimum of contraindications. For the most part, they can be used for various diseases. Purchased for future use, they are always at hand, while the cost of medicinal herbs, as a rule, cannot be called high. It remains to be seen which herbs are considered the best for women.

Best medicinal herbs for women

Of course, the choice of herbal remedies depends on the purpose of their use. Someone needs a remedy to normalize the hormonal background; someone needs drugs that increase the chances of conception; the goal of others is to alleviate the symptoms of menopause, improve the emotional background, etc. Many need medicinal herbs that have a healing effect on various diseases. Are there medicinal herbs for women that have a complex effect? As they say – so that everything is in one bouquet. Of course, there are those whose action is multifaceted.

  1. Upland uterus

Due to its unique properties, it can truly claim to be the best herb for women. In different regions, the upland queen may be known by other names: mother, female grass, boletus, uterus from forty diseases. The upland uterus has an anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effect in diseases of an inflammatory or infectious nature. Because it has a diuretic effect, the herb can be used for cystitis in women. 

The herb also has an antitumor, absorbable, analgesic effect, which allows it to be used for various gynecological diseases. The upland uterus can normalize the functioning of the hormonal system, improve metabolism, and, therefore, affect the work of not only the reproductive organs but the whole organism since hormones regulate all processes occurring in it, including cell renewal, which determines the appearance of a woman. Among its useful properties, it should also be emphasized:

  • lowering cholesterol levels;
  • regulation of blood pressure;
  • normalization of the hematopoietic system;
  • improved digestion;
  • prevention of an allergic reaction;
  • immunostimulating effect.

Due to the presence in it of plant analogs of sex hormones (phytoestrogen, phytoprogesterone), the boron uterus has proven itself well in conditions such as painful menstruation and PMS, menopause and the associated depression and nervous tension. For pregnant women, using this herb can mitigate the manifestations of toxicosis and reduce the risk of miscarriage. Due to the saponins in the herb, the chances of pregnancy increase.

  1. Chamomile

This medicinal plant is recognized as an official medicinal raw material in 26 countries. The presence of useful substances explains the unique properties of chamomile in it in the optimal proportion. One teaspoon of dry grass contains about 1 g of nutrients.

Medicinal herbs for women's health and peace of mind
  • Chamomile oil – has an antimicrobial and antiviral effect, dilates blood vessels, reduces pressure, stimulates the nervous and digestive systems;
  • The main biologically active substance is azulene, which can improve tissue regeneration, has an anti-allergic effect, reduces itching, and has an anti-inflammatory effect. It also has a deodorizing property.
  • Flavonoids – due to their presence, chamomile has an anti-inflammatory effect in kidney diseases, relieves muscle spasms, and is effective as an anesthetic. Chamomile can also be used as an anti-inflammatory for skin irritations. 
  • Coumarins – biologically active substances that have an anticoagulant effect and prevent thrombosis.

Due to its composition, chamomile has found its application in gynecology, urology, and gastroenterology, as it has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and antispasmodic effects. It relieves asthma symptoms, relieves sore throat, and is used in treating genital infections and inflammation.

  1. Melissa

What herbs to drink for women for peace of mind? Of course, lemon balm is a natural antidepressant used as a sedative for stress or mental illness. Lemon balm tea is useful in menopause to normalize the psycho-emotional state and improve mood and sleep quality. The properties of this herb, called “lemon mint,” because of the smell and color noticed by the ancient Romans, are still used. 

Medicinal herbs for women's health and peace of mind
  • An infusion of lemon balm helps to relieve headaches and dizziness. 
  • It is also called the “heart herb” since an infusion of it is effective in cardiac pathologies, including for normalizing pressure. 
  • Pregnant herbs are useful for preventing morning sickness. 
  • Lemon balm tea relieves spasms and anesthetizes; therefore, it is effective for painful periods and heavy bleeding.

Melissa can be added to food to improve appetite for long-term ailments. There is only one caveat – the lemon balm is contraindicated in hypotension.

  1. St. John’s wort

Also known as valiant grass, ailment, crow, plaque-grass, hare’s blood, and Ivan-grass, he collected almost all known healing properties. With a wide and mild therapeutic effect, St. John’s wort has practically no side effects. 

Medicinal herbs for women's health and peace of mind

It contains the whole complex of biologically active compounds necessary for the body, which are involved in redox processes. St. John’s wort has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, laxative, and choleretic properties and is also used in treating kidney stones. The action is manifested in the destruction of kidney stones, relieving spasms and facilitating their removal from the body. Since the plant has a pronounced antiseptic effect, St. John’s wort for douching is used for women in inflammatory processes of the genital area.

In combination with sedatives, St. John’s wort increases the latter’s effectiveness tenfold. But the use of St. John’s wort requires caution when taking strong tranquilizers. However, this non-toxic and affordable remedy, in some cases, may well replace synthetic drugs. Pregnant St. John’s wort is better to exclude.

How to prepare an infusion of medicinal herbs?

Washed, dried, and crushed parts of the medicinal plant should be poured hot water. As a rule, you must take two tablespoons of the crushed mixture in a glass of boiling water. It should be insisted for 5-20 minutes. It remains to cool and strain the resulting infusion, after which it is ready for use. You can drink 20 minutes before meals.

How to choose a medicinal herb?

Of course, there are hundreds of herbs for women with many beneficial properties: shepherd’s purse, peppermint, nettle, calendula – it is impossible to list and describe the effect of all. Many have similar properties, while others are considered unique, although not so well known. 

Medicinal herbs for women's health and peace of mind

For example, a plant called monastic pepper, prutnyak, and Avram tree – Vitex agnus castus, are widely used in treating benign diseases of the mammary glands in women. But about 70-80% of women of reproductive age suffer from mastopathy caused by hormonal disorders. The existence of herbal remedies may help someone achieve a faster recovery by avoiding organ-removal surgery.

What is herb right for you? Listen to your condition, even if nothing hurts. Do you not have enough time for a good sleep? Or is snacking on the go your way of life? But these are the main factors contributing to the development of many diseases. And what about PMS, which affects almost half of the women of reproductive age, and another part ignores this condition, uncontrollably taking painkillers and sedatives? But after all, all previous generations also experienced similar problems, while at their disposal were only medicinal herbs. Herbal remedies – of natural origin, without side effects – can help in your case.


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