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hair coloring

The types of hair coloring offered by modern beauty specialists will allow each girl to create an unforgettable image. A woman with well-groomed curls and stylish coloring stands out from the crowd, is self-confident, and flutters through life.

Modern technologies allow you to gently change the color of your hairstyle without risk to your health. This article will discuss the current hair coloring types and share interesting ideas with you.

The main types of hair coloring

  1. Highlighting. This is the most famous dyeing technique; therefore, its name is familiar even to those who do not dye or lighten their hair.

Highlighting is the lightening of individual strands. Perform it in a closed way. And there are many techniques for this type of hair coloring: through a cap, with a darn, horizontally, with ribbon highlights. As a result, a unique pattern is created by a combination of strands of different thicknesses and shades.

Types of hair coloring

Highlighting is performed with a mixture of brightening powder with an oxidizing agent. Every brand that produces hair dye has such a powder in its line. The most famous include Londa, Wella, Schwarzkopf, Estel.

Lightened strands are tinted from roots to ends; this allows you to smooth out sharp color transitions at the roots and neutralize yellowness along the entire length.

  1. Coloring. As a result of this type of dyeing, the hair acquires a bright color and looks fresh and unusual. Coloring involves the use of several different shades (3 or more). Apply them in an intended way vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. And so that the strands are wrapped with foil during the dyeing, there is no mixing of colors, and spots do not appear.
Types of hair coloring

Brunettes and brown-haired women most often make strands of wheat color mixed with burgundy and brick chocolate. For fair-haired girls, dark and bright colors are selected for coloring the strands, for example, black and red.

Coloring can be done another way: lighten the strands and then dye all the hair in a bright shade. On the strands, the color will be bright, and a beautiful ebb of the hair of natural color will appear.

  1. Toning. With this type of hair coloring, like toning, you can:
  • change the shade if you don’t like the original one;
  • correct an unsuccessful color after coloring or highlighting;
  • get rid of the yellowness that appears when lightening dark hair;
  • make a faded chocolate shade brighter, and add shine to the hair.

For tinting, paint with a small percentage of an oxidizing agent is used; it has a gentle effect, so the shade will quickly wash off.

Types of hair coloring

You can tint hair of any length; this procedure is a lifesaver for those who want to correct the result of dyeing, which is disappointing.

Toning is done either tone on tone to emphasize the beauty of the existing color, or they use the desired color depending on the goals of the procedure – remove yellowness, brighten red or red strands, add depth to dark hair color.

  1. Booking. Girls with natural hair color who want to bring novelty to the image are recommended to try bronding. It is also suitable for those who have already found their shade and regularly use coloring products but would like to slightly change the appearance of their hair and play with tones.
Types of hair coloring

With this technique, the coloring composition is applied not to the entire hair but individual strands and with an indent from the roots of not less than 4 centimeters. The hair is not touched on the bangs and crown; the strands are dyed only on the middle and lower occipital zone.

  1. Magimesh. This is one of the most gentle types of hair coloring – dyes, which do not contain ammonia. It is suitable only for natural blondes and girls with blond hair who have not previously been dyed. The composition is applied to individual strands in the same way as when highlighting and wrapped in foil. It turns out light curls without yellowness, which look natural and fresh. They do not need to be tinted.
Types of hair coloring

Using majimesh on dyed hair makes no sense since a dye without ammonia cannot lighten another dye, and there will be no effect.

  1. Monophonic. The easiest way is to dye your hair in one color; this can be done at home, even without outside help. The main thing is to choose the right shade. This is called single coloring.
Types of hair coloring

Things to consider when choosing this type of staining:

  • Natural hair that has not previously been dyed begins to be covered with a coloring composition from the tips and the main length; the paint is applied to the roots last;
  • Dark-colored hair is already dyed, starting from the roots and moving to the tips.
  1. Elumination. Some types of dyeing, for example, elution, can improve not only the appearance but also the condition of the hair.
Types of hair coloring

In another way, this technique is called colorless staining. It gives a double effect: it makes the initial shade of the hair brighter and, at the same time, smoothes and heals it, helping to get rid of split ends.

  1. Degrade. This is a horizontal coloring approximately in the middle of the length of the hair with a smooth transition up and down.
Portrait of a woman with bright colored flying hair, all shades of purple. Hair coloring, beautiful lips and makeup. Hair fluttering in the wind. Sexy girl with short hair. Professional coloring

Degrade is a complex technique; not every master can make a beautiful effect, and even more so, he cannot cope with such staining on his own.

  1. Coloring 3D. This is a suitable way to mask the gray hair, visually make the hair more voluminous, and give it a beautiful new shade.
Types of hair coloring

The 3D technique is best used on medium to long hair. The advantage of this type of staining is that the regrowth is imperceptible, so the color does not need to be updated frequently.

  1. Crayons. Children can also make original bright coloring – select a few strands with colored crayons, rubbing them well on their hair. To consolidate the effect, multi-colored curls are twisted with a hot iron.

This is a safe way that does not spoil children’s hair: the effect is easily removed with regular shampoo; you must wash your hair. Such coloring will help to complement a bright festive look for a birthday, Christmas tree, or carnival.

  1. Hidden. Some types of hair coloring allow you to hide bright strands under your hair. This option is loved by office workers, bank managers, and other employees who are required to comply with the dress code, as well as high school students.
  1. Rainbow. Girls in different countries like this youth version. But few adult fashionistas choose to dye their hair in all the rainbow colors at once; mature women prefer a more restrained image.

It is not easy to create such a bright multicolor on the head. In the first stage, all hair is lightened and then fragmentarily dyed in different shades. A pattern of bright strands can line up in several ways: vertically, horizontally, herringbone, or diagonally.

  1. Bicolor. The two-tone staining technique is loved by bold women who like experimenting with hairstyles.

The hair is divided into two parts, and each is dyed in a contrasting color. To make it look stylish, the bangs should be straight, just like the bottom cut of the hair length.

  1. Contouring. A quick, stylish, and quite a budgetary way to freshen up your hair and look is to lighten the strands around the edges. This is contouring.

The most popular types of hair coloring in 2022

Not everyone wants to change their hair color if it matches the image perfectly. But why not consider new image options in 2022? After all, even the usual types of hair coloring have undergone some changes.

Perhaps the updated technology will suit someone even more than before. And the photos in our selection with descriptions will help you imagine what the color option will look like.

  1. Air t If the air touch coloring is done successfully, it isn’t easy to take your eyes off the hair – even those who prefer natural beauty will also want to dye their hair. Coloring is done not from the roots, but a few centimeters lower, combining similar shades that smoothly transition into each other.

At the tips, usually light paint and darker closer to the roots. This is a great technique for brunettes who have long dreamed of dyeing their hair blonde but do not dare to take a cardinal step immediately.

Not to say that this type of hair coloring, like air touch, is easy to perform – some strands need to be separated using a hair dryer. But the effort is worth it because often you won’t have to paint. After all, the hair color of the regrown roots will not change. Many manage to walk with such staining for at least two months, and the image does not suffer. True, only if the hair is properly cared for.

As for the current trends in air touch technology – 2022, experts recommend using more natural and calm colors and abandoning platinum shades that look unnatural.

  1. Ombre. This technique is similar to the previous one; it is a simplified version of air touch with a characteristic blurred transition from one shade to another and unpainted hair roots. The difference in performance: The strands are separated without using a hair dryer with an ombre. In addition, this type of coloring can be tried on dark and light brown hair, and the strands can be bright colors. The trend remains relevant in 2022. And the image can be changed at least every other day if you use unstable dyes.

The main disadvantage of dyeing using the ombre technique is that with a cardinal color change, you will first need to bleach, which is an additional load on the hair. More thorough care will be required to ensure a healthy and beautiful appearance.

  1. Shatush. If a girl uses the shatush technique, those around her immediately notice the transformation of her hair. Still, they can’t immediately understand what happened to them and why they look so attractive.

Shatush is a universal technique; it will suit fair-haired, redheads, and brunettes. Its plus is that the effect of natural hair is created, only better than those given by nature, just some strands seem slightly burnt out in the sun. You can take another color as a basis, but in this case, at least two shades will be involved in the coloring.

  1. Balayazh. The main coloring trend in 2022 is the lack of strict rules in performance techniques; there are rules, of course, but they can be broken for a stylish result. Another popular trend is the combination of natural tones with bright additions.

Light negligence and natural shades are now the most relevant in coloring. To achieve this, this type of hair coloring, like balayage, will easily help.

The transitions between colors should not be sharp and shouldn’t begin and end on the same line from strand to strand. Shades in one coloring can be from different scales, for example, ashy, copper, and chestnut.

Examples of extraordinary types of hair coloring

The trendy effect allows you to get pixel coloringIt looks especially advantageous on long hair and any shade, blue or yellow. This type of hair coloring, in general, is more suitable for bold and extravagant girls, but it can also be used in a casual look if you make a combination of soothing colors.

The grunge technique is also an option for the determined and self-confident. Depending on the shades used, coloring can look bold and extravagant, or it can simply attract attention with rich colors. The technique gives scope for imagination and does not drive into narrow frames: you can choose the color of not only thin strands but also large fragments. The transition from one shade to another can be smooth or, on the contrary, sharp.

You can make an artistic masterpiece out of staining. With screen staining, this is easy to implement with imagination.

You can depict anything this way using different shades, patterns, and drawings. However, skill is required for an ideally beautiful result; an amateur can turn sloppy.

How to choose the right type of hair coloring

Whatever types of hair coloring are used, you first need to determine your type of appearance so that the new shade is in harmony with the image. You can consult with a stylist or, based on the color of your eyes, hair, and facial skin, decide on your own whether spring, summer, autumn, or winter is your color type.

  • Spring predetermines the choice of light hair shades, such as golden yellow, beige, caramel, linen, and pale chestnut.
  • The cold spectrum is ideal for summer: ash blond, light blond, ash brown.
  • Autumn is in harmony with warm colors. Stylists recommend red shades and mixes, for example, chestnut, dark brown, and fiery copper.
  • In winter, the coldness of this color type is easy to “melt” with a bright palette; you can choose the copper, gold, and red-brown tone.

Those who want to change their dark hair color to light will have to pre-lighten their hair. The master will tell you how best to do this so as not to ruin your hair.

Blond hair can be immediately dyed to the desired color without bleaching, using any technique.

When changing the image with the help of one type of hair coloring, it is important to consider such a nuance as the relevance of a new image in everyday life. For example, a businesswoman who regularly participates in official events and negotiations should not choose extravagant hairstyles with multi-colored curls.

You can apply the hair color you like, following the example of acquaintances with a similar appearance, and find out the name of the shade and the dyeing method from them. But you must be careful when looking at beautiful photos on the Internet or in glossy magazines – in real life, the color may not be the same as in the picture.

Using special applications on a computer or smartphone, you can simulate a hairstyle and a new hair color. A professional colorist can also suggest what is better to choose, having seen the hair and face live.

It is important to consider how a cold or warm type of appearance will affect the image in combination with the chosen hair color. For example, it is undesirable to dye your hair a cold blond for owners of golden-olive skin if your eyes also have a warm color. Otherwise, the look will be unwashed; the skin will seem dirty. To make it look radiant, it is better to choose a shade of milk chocolate or honey for dyeing hair.

You can correctly evaluate the result of any hair coloring only after washing your hair at home – in the salon, styling it will be different. You should not rely on photographs either – hair is usually always more beautiful in them than in life, especially if the picture was taken professionally, with the right lighting, and under the guidance of a stylist.

It is also important to consider your financial capabilities. Prices in salons that offer new types of hair coloring are usually high. And the correction will have to be done monthly so that regrown roots or a faded shade do not spoil the stylish look. If this is too expensive for the budget, it is better to resort to the usual tinting or staining in one color.

Do not be afraid to change, experiment, and find shades that will emphasize the beauty of the hair and become a good accent in the image!


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